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When you want to do everything you can to safeguard your loved ones, your home and your treasured possessions, you owe it to yourself and your family to talk to us about our continuous 24/7 protection.

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    The Most Experience

    When it comes to the safety and security of your family, you can count on our knowledge and expertise.

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    Innovative Technology

    Our Customer Monitoring Centers are backed by powerful equipment using secure communications links.

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    The Best People

    We staff the most experienced, caring and well-trained team of security professionals

    __We Protect Your Property From Common Vulnerabilities__

    Wireless Communications

    HD Security Pro’s wireless communication is integrated with your security control panel. This makes sure that all alarms and other important events can be transmitted quickly and reliably for immediate response.

    Zero Phone Line Vulnerability

    Cut phone and internet lines are a threat of the past. HD Security Pro`s safer cellular alarm systems are not affected by damaged phone or internet lines and provide uninterrupted protection.

    Dedicated & Secure

    Our Alarm System protects your property even if the phone is cut, the Internet goes down, or the security panel is damaged.

    Power Outage Protection

    Our wireless technology is able to operate for 24 hours on backup battery power, keeping you secure during a power outage.

    Reprogram Existing System

    Why pay more than $30 a month for security monitoring if you already have an existing security system. HD Security Pro will reprogram your existing alarm system. If an alarm system is 3 years old or newer, you may opt to reprogram your existing system and save money

    Our knowledge of the industry allows us to simply reprogram or activate almost any home or business alarm system. If the existing system needs to be repaired, our professional installers’ service and repair minor problems at no additional cost. – Upgrades made simple.

    New Alarm System

    Of all the home security features that are available with home alarms the system’s capacity to dispatch the police is often the most overlooked. Traditional alarm systems are designed to simply send a signal to a dispatch station which, in turn, contacts the local police department for dispatching an officer.

    As with all alarms, of course, the dispatch station will contact someone in the home in order to verify the authenticity of the emergency. Without over-the-phone confirmation of the emergency, however, the police can only be dispatched on an unconfirmed break-in which doesn’t carry nearly as high a priority. Call us today to understand the advantages of a new alarm with HD Security Pro. 407-123-4567

    How it Works:

    • Sensors installed throughout your home or business monitor and communicate all activity that takes place even when the system is disarmed.
    • All of the information travels over a dedicated wireless connection to the Operations Center.
    • If an alarm occurs, the signal is routed to your central monitoring station for a 24/7 emergency response.*
    • If a non-alarm event occurs, like your kids walking through the front door, the signal is routed to you and your pre-determined contacts via text or email based on your settings.