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Home automation integrates most of your electric devices allowing single remote control from anywhere in your home. Automations can include control of thermostat, home entertainment systems, security systems, phone systems, water irrigation, pet feeding, appliances, and centralized control of indoor and outdoor lighting.

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    Property Owners

    Renovating your home? Building your dream home from new? Always wanted your own home cinema? Need worldwide video conferencing in your office boardroom? HD Security Pro can help you realize your dream with the design, specification and installation of amazing automation and entertainment systems. Call Us today to find out how we can make your home or office smarter.


    We work closely with Property Developers and Boat Builders to add real value to your projects. The integration of the latest smart automation technology and stunning entertainment systems will significantly increase market value and can speed the sale process. From initial plans, through specification, wiring plans, installation and commissioning, HD security Pro is your perfect automation/entertainment technology partner.


    We work alongside leading Architects, Interior Designers and M+E Consultants to help you achieve your visions. Our perfectly-integrated automation and entertainment solutions won’t conflict with your design ethos, and will always enhance your project. From initial design through to final commissioning we add value to all the homes, offices or boats you are creating for your clients.

    It can even be as specific as controlling the lighting in a room according to the time of day or different ambiance that you would prefer such as dinner or social gathering. Home automation systems can provide convenience. You can control your home entertainment system from any room in the house or have your heater turn on automatically on a cold day; that is convenient. Home automation can also provide security. Imagine coming home late at night and being able to control all of the lighting in your home before you even get there through a keychain remote or having your alarm system call you if the alarm goes off; that is safety.

    Additional considerations and costs

    There is no way to assign an “average” cost for home automation simply because each household will use a unique array of options and systems. The issues that can be controlled through automation include:

    • Lighting– this is the most common issue that most homeowners address through automation and remote control. In fact, there are many “starter kits” with pricing as low as $60 which can provide the owner with several transmitters, a receiver and even options for dialing into the system through a cell phone or PDA;
    • Security and access– this is the next most common way that automation is used in the modern home. The systems can allow the homeowner to remotely unlock doors, monitor water and heat in basements, or even close a garage door from miles away;
    • Home theaters and entertainment– this is a way to eliminate all of the remote controls and create an entirely wireless way to enjoy TV;
    • Phone systems– from call screening to voice controls, home automation can convert the most basic telephone into a remote control unit;
    • Thermostats– this is another popular way to use automation and allows the owner to use a cell phone to turn on heating or cooling or send alerts if temperatures are too hot or cold; and
    • Irrigation– sprinklers running on a rainy day is a total waste, and home automation can allow remote control of such functions through a cell phone or PDA too.